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Volusia Medical Supply

About Volusia Medical Supply, Inc.


Volusia Medical Supply (VMS) was started in 2002 by retired doctors who still wanted to contribute to the field and community. The initial objective was to provide mobility care and services as a local option. There were plenty of national companies but VMS wanted to give the customers the personal face to face experience that was lacking in the community. By accepting most insurances and government programs like Medicare and Medicaid, VMS was the option for customers to get health related equipment at little or no cost out of pocket. The key to our success and popularity in the community was to maintain our personality as we grew into a bigger company. The personal touch, compassion and the helping nature of our company and staff had to remain intact and a top priority. 

Being operated and managed by doctors and other healthcare professions, it gives us a unique insight into the needs and restrictions of the patient. 

Even though we started in Daytona Beach, FL, we started to service surrounding counties and eventually all of florida. Starting 2012, we took another leap forward. We went nationwide. We now service and take care of customers in the whole of United States including Alaska, Hawaii, all territories and Islands.

It is a testament to customer satisfaction when customers take the time to write letters and postcards of appreciation. Not a review online or a comment online, but an actual letter to thank us. And, some of our customers (from as far back as 7 - 8 years) have been sending us season's greetings and recent pictures of themselves to us every year. Thats our personal connection with our customers.